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Context360 Applytics™ gives you powerful new insights into app behavior outside your app that fuels better decisions around when, where, and how to engage your app users.

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Introducing Applytics™

Context360 Applytics™ helps app developers and marketers improve their customer experience by analyzing, interpreting, and predicting user behavior across apps and contexts.

Context360 Applytics™ platform

Easy on developers, powerful for marketing analysts, and designed to give the C-level new perspectives on your users and overall trends in mobile app categories.

Applytics™ Library

Our 60kb SDK rapidly installs on any Android or iOS app with minimal battery impact.

Applytics™ Dashboard

Use our dashboard, export data to yours, or access an API to add more data to your analytics platform.

Segmentation Engine

Define user segments by app usage, geography, competitive app usage, clickthroughs, and more.

Engagement Engine

Set notifications based on: app usage patterns, contextual insights, and IFTTT-based custom rules built by you.

Who uses Context360

Applytics™ is designed for iOS and Android developers and analytics teams seeking actionable, real-time insights to drive retention, engagement, and sales. Our partners include game developers, retailers, online service providers, financial institutions, and more.

Strategic Investors
Wells Fargo

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We’re privately held and backed by experienced investors and managers who, among other things, brought us mobile web browsing, mobile video, and other pioneering services. Our team includes cutting edge coders, sensor designers, data scientists, and Big Data algorithm designers and we are always looking for more! Contact us at

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